Our products are delivered to the shipping company within 1-7 business days. However, please note that delivery times may vary in case of natural disasters, war, fire, terrorism, and other extraordinary circumstances. Currently, Dogandthecity.com does not offer international shipping. By accepting the delivery, the recipient agrees to provide their Turkish ID number to the courier, and acknowledges that the product may not be delivered if the ID number is not provided. The package should be opened and inspected in the presence of the courier. In case of any damage or missing items, a Damaged Product Report should be prepared with the courier, and the package should not be accepted. Please inform us via email about any damaged or missing products, as reports without a Damage Report will not be considered. Defective products must be reported to us before they are returned. Return shipments sent without our knowledge will not be accepted. Dogandthecity.com is not responsible for undelivered products due to the recipient's absence at the delivery address within the specified time frame.

Regards, Dog And The City

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