Alphadog Design Men'S Dog Waist Band Camouflage

Alphadog Design Men'S Dog Waist Band Camouflage

Price : $19.00

AlphaDog Design Male Dog Waistband Camouflage is a functional and stylish product that allows your dog to roam comfortably and stylishly at home or outdoors. This waistband with camouflage pattern can be used in case of male dogs incontinence, kidney problems or marking behavior.


  • High Quality Materials: This waistband is made of soft and comfortable fabric, making it comfortable for your dog and can be used for a long time.
  • Stylish and Comfortable Design: This stylish waistband with camouflage pattern is the perfect choice for pet owners who care about your dog's comfort and style.
  • Practical Use: Thanks to the absorbent pad inside the waistband, it absorbs your dog's urine and keeps your house clean. The pads are easily replaceable and you can wash and reuse the tape.
  • Different Sizes: The AlphaDog Design Male Dog Waistband is available in different sizes for small, medium and large dogs. You can choose the most suitable size according to your dog's measurements.
  • Care Instructions: You can clean the waistband by hand washing with warm water and mild detergent. Dry the product away from direct sunlight.

AlphaDog Design Male Dog Waistband Camouflage is a stylish and practical solution to meet your dog's needs. Add the product to your cart now and help your dog live a comfortable and happy life!

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