Freshy Beephay Twists Beef Beat Offer Burgu Bick Dog Prize 8 Piece 75 Gr

Freshy Beephay Twists Beef Beat Offer Burgu Bick Dog Prize 8 Piece 75 Gr

Brand : Freshy
Price : $9.00

Freshy Beefy Twists Beef Twist Stick Dog Award 8 Pcs 75 Gr

For dogs, auger rod dog reward that strengthens the teeth and jaw structure while eliminating the need for gnawing.

* It is grain-free and has completely natural ingredients.
* It reduces bad breath by protecting the health of teeth, gums and jaws.
* It has low fat, high protein ratio.
* It prevents the formation of dental calculus and plaque.
* Helps maintain oral health by preventing the accumulation of tartar plaques.
* It is a fun supplementary food that allows your dog to spend time without getting bored.
* There are 8 dog chew bones in the package, weighing 75 g and length 13 cm.

Content of the Product;
Cowhide, beef, duck meat, vegetable protein, sorbitol, potassium sorbate.

Analysis of Dog Reward;
Crude protein min. 60.00%, crude oil min. 1% - max. 10%, water max. 10%, raw ash max. 10%, ash insoluble in HCl max. 5%

Daily Consumption Amount;
* It is recommended to give 1 - 3 Freshy dog ​​rewards per day, depending on your dog's size and eating habits.

* It is recommended to always have clean drinking water available.
* Store in a cool, dry place.

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