Freshy Chicky Twists Chicken Meat Burgu Chewing Bone 100S 90 Gr

Freshy Chicky Twists Chicken Meat Burgu Chewing Bone 100S 90 Gr

Brand : Freshy
Price : $9.00
Freshy Chicky Twists Chicken Meat Auger Chew Bone 10 Pcs 90 Gr
Freshy dog ​​chew bone is prepared by wrapping chicken fillet on real cowhide. It is a 13 cm long, 10 auger stick dog bone that helps your dog to have a fun time while nibbling.

* It is a 100% natural product, it contains real pieces of chicken meat.
* It is nutritious and easily digestible.
* It helps to protect the health of teeth and gums by slowing down the formation of plaque and tartar.
* Thanks to its locked packaging, it preserves its freshness for a long time after opening.

Content of Dog Bone;
Animal skin (beef), chicken breast, vegetable protein (gluten), sorbitol, potassium sorbate.

Analysis of Dog Bone;
Crude protein minimum 60.00%, crude fat minimum 1.00% - maximum 10.00%, crude fiber maximum 10.00%, water maximum 20.00%, crude ash maximum 10.00%, ash insoluble in HCl maximum 5.00%.

Daily Consumption Amount;
It is recommended to give 1 - 3 pieces daily, depending on your dog's size and eating habits.

* It is recommended to always have fresh and clean drinking water with the award.
* Store in a cool, dry place.

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